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Get trained and implement Ozone/UV into your practice.

Have great patient outcomes and train your staff to have confidence


Trainings for Ozone/UV Therapies

The following are trainings to better your understanding and get you started on successfullly incorporating ozone and UV into your practice.

Ozone/UV IV Basics

(Virtual Lecture Course)

Effective at rebooting cellular process that causes mitochondria desynchronization. THIS is the IV treatment that will elevate your patients’ health, no matter what their goals are.

  • Overview of Ozone/UV
  • Present scientific basis
  • Justify the synergetic value of two therapies
  • Understanding dose and concentration
  • Indications and contrindications
  • Factors of efficacy
  • Case studies
  • Review of equipment vendors
  • Standard/Manual procedure review

Hi-Dose Ozone/UV IV Didactics

(Virtual Lecture Course)

Designed for patients needing higher doses and practitioners looking to automate IV procedures. Make more cents out of your Ozone/UV IVs.

  • Background on Ten-Pass and HD (Hi-Dose)
  • Understanding dose and concentration
  • Procedure and protocol
  • Review of equipment vendors

Hands-On for Ozone/UV Basics and Hi-Dose

(Live, Virtual Hands-on Course)

  • One-on-one clinic: trainer
  • Your equipment, your office, your patient
  • Complete a live, trainer-guided procedure
  • Opportunity for private questions and lesson
  • Offer clinical pearls

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