The Lowe Legacy

Hi, my name is Tom Lowe, Founder and President of SOPMed. I have been researching and working with Ozone and UBI over two decades.

The older I get, the more I appreciate family. I’ve been blessed with eleven children, one of whom is the catalyst for my founding of SOPMed. Then, in 1996, tragedy struck, and my oldest son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Medical professionals operated to remove it. And over the next 22 years, his life was a bit of a rollercoaster.

My journey into alternative treatment options wasn’t something I was looking for; instead, it ended up finding me. As a father, you are willing to do anything to help your children and see them get well – and it was for this reason that I started my journey into the world of Ozone and UBI therapy treatments.

While my oldest son’s journey here on this earth is over, I believe a new part of my life is just beginning. The years I spent researching Ozone and UBI therapy have culminated into a wealth of knowledge that I am honored to share to help assist you and your clients on their journey to physical healing.

In the two decades since my initial exposure to these life-changing treatments, SOPMed has become a family of like-minded practitioners on the cutting edge of integrative medicine. We believe in and have witnessed the power of these treatments and are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring them to you.

We hope you will join us on our mission to heal the world.