June 22 - 23

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Pre-Conference Courses June 20th and 21st

Applied Kinesiology Workshop

(Including Detoxification and basic customized nutritional support methodology)

​Weds. & Thur. June 20th - 21st, 2018

Cheyenne Mountain Resort - Colorado Springs, CO

​9:00am - 4:30pm   Cost: $800

Limited Class Size

"Lots of hands-on. You will walk out knowing how to apply this to your practice."

World Class Trainer

Trainer David Getoff, CCN, CTN, ​ FAAIM

Muscle Testing
A Misunderstood and Maligned but Extremely Intriguing, Useful and Practical Tool.

Simply put, muscle testing is a method of gathering information. Numerous health professionals utilize muscle testing with their patients, and yet most professionals either have never heard of it, do not know what it really is, or are certain that it is nonsense, useless, and used only by charlatans.

A great many Medical doctors, Osteopaths, PhD’s, dentists, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, and others find muscle testing to be one of their most important methods of gathering information about a patient. Many consider it to be their single most useful tool as it gives them very specific information about a specific patient.

Why Come
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  • Adds another vital tool to your clinic
  • We will be doing actual testing on one another throughout the 2 days
  • Lots of information on Nutritional Support
  • Actual Instruction Data supplied
  • You are taught how to talk to Patients about this

What Muscle Testing Does and Does NOT Tell You

  • Muscle testing is for gathering information
  • Muscle testing is not for "diagnosing" disease
  • Muscle testing is not a "treatment"
  • Muscle testing may help determine a cause
  • Muscle testing may find a reactive food (or food type)
  • Always remember that Nothing is 100% accurate
  • Always remember the answer is for right NOW

Note from the Director:

You can be a part of a lively and growing family when you​ become involved with SOPMed. We UNITE - physicians and medical practitioners from many different fields, T​EACH - using the best instructors and cutting-edge techniques and REACH - by touching the lives of so many through our  humanitarian work. It is indeed a privilege to be involved with this vibrant and exciting organization. We welcome you to a part of something truly special.

Tom Lowe, Director of the Society of Progressive Medical Education

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