Thursday afternoon 1/2 Day Course - June 15th

BioHacking the Mitochondria - Change the Fuel and Change the Outcome

1/2 day course from 1pm to 5pm $500

Dr. Joe Mercola and Dr Dan Pompa

Read the BIOS of these two complementary physicians. There might even be time to ask Joe about his marketing skills! Check out Dr. Mercola’s website that draws over 1 million hits per month.

BioHacking the Mitochondria

Dr. Joe Mercola

Change the fuel and change the outcome....

Surprisingly small life style changes will transform how your patients sleep, the recovery time from a disorder and their daily energy.  This author of four NY Times best selling titles on health will bring dazzling, action-packed information!

Apply what Joe will bring to you and your patients will love you!

ALSO, Author of

Heal the Cell, Get Well, Lose Weight & Feel Great

Dr. Dan Pompa

Dr Dan Pompa is a rising star in the alternative medical world.

He has trained hundreds of physicians regarding the secrets of detox, diet, hormone dysregulation, PLUS how physicians can bring in additional, easy income to their clinic.

Autism, Autoimmune, Cancer - The Answer Lies in the Cell.

His helpful book that increases patient compliance and other useful tools will be used and taught at the training.

Limited spots available!

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