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The Difference in Design and Why it Matters

Round Cuvette with turbulator

Flat Cuvette

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You have asked, so we are bringing you answers regarding questions circulating in the cuvette market.

Question 1: What is the difference in flow design between the flat cuvette and Turbo 180?

For fair balance, we decided to reach out to your experienced colleagues to answer this question. These two experts had the following experiences when using a flat cuvette:

  1. Dr. David Nebbeling states, “There were so many times that they blood baked along the edges because of the poor flow system. I hear that some are being told that they can cock this cuvette in the current (UV light) machines and think that they are getting good therapy. I do not believe that you are. After 25,000 therapies with a flat cuvette and now over 8,000 with the turbo 180 ultimate cuvette there is no comparison. I would never go back to a flat cuvette disposable or not.”
  2. We also got the opinions of Dr. Doug Wigton who experienced similar effects, “I have accomplished several hundred UBI therapies utilizing a flat cuvette during the years 1995 to 2013. It was almost invariable that by the end of the therapy there was overheated/clotted blood on the outer edges of the cuvette with an obvious stream of blood running down the very middle of the chamber. … With this (round cuvette with turbo) current system that also has 4 lights instead of two and uses a cuvette with an internal turbulator, I am now confident that the blood is now adequately irradiated”. Dr Doug Wigton

Question 2: Do flat cuvettes fit into a machine that is made for round cuvettes?

We surprisingly get this question a lot. The answer is no. When a 6” flat cuvette is put into a machine made for a round 12” special cuvette it cuts out 2 of the light sources and has the potential to reflect a lot of the light as it is cocked at an angle. There are 12 different things that go into a good effective therapy the cuvette is just one component. We would love to go into further detail on this, if questions please write us at info@sopmed.org.

Question 3: If flat cuvettes have a poor flow system, what is the difference between a simple round cuvette and Turbo 180?

The patented and CE medical certified cuvette with the turbo is a powerful improvement.  From a turbulation expert: “The Turbo 180 seems to embody the best of classic contemporary fluid mixing and flow. Motionless mixers [split-helix flow splitters] generate very little shear [considering that the fluid contains cells that may be sensitive] and pressure drop, so flow rate is unimpeded”

For further information on this, contact SopMed Training for the letter of a turbulation expert who examined a number of cuvettes.  Also, click on the link to watch Cuvette and Blood Turbulation Education!

Question 4: Are flat cuvettes actually FDA registered?

Two knowledgeable sources say NO.

Flat cuvettes are not FDA registered. You may have heard the following claims from Superior Flat Cuvettes:

  • “Our FDA is registration #539133, we are FDA compliant with our flat cuvette”…
  • “Our cuvette operates as an FDA 510K exempt device.”…
  • “Our cuvette is compliant [Others not] of the U.S. Medical Device Regulation Act, which in part, addresses the pre-market notification process”

On March 11, 2020 we asked FDA about the above comments. Here (in part) is FDA’s response:

In searching our database of FDA registered manufacturers or 510(k) cleared devices, I was unable to locate this company. Also, I do not know what the “FDA organization number” you provided is.

But we decided to dig a little deeper. A 30 year experienced ex-FDA inspector who worked as an expert witness regarding compliance says, “As Custom Glass is offering their product as a medical device they are required to be registered with FDA and file a device listing for their Superior Flat Cuvette. It appears that they have not complied with the registration and listing. Custom Glass cannot argue that their product is not a medical device as on their webpage they have an extensive discussion of medical device regulations in an attempt to say their product is exempt from 510(k) an FDA requirement that only applies to medical devices.”

If you desire further clarification, email info@sopmed.org for the full report.

Side By Side Analysis

Validation from one of the most respected physicians in alternative medicine.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known and respected Tom for over ten years as a totally reliable authority for UVBI devices and cuvettes. He has always kept us on the cutting edge. We have 11 of the UVBI units and they have performed very well with thousands of patient treatments. The turbo 180 12″ ultimate quartz cuvettes deliver the optimum in light exposure and surface area.

You can count on Tom to always be there with support and help.

David I. Minkoff M.D.
Executive Director Life Works Wellness