8:30AM - 5:00PM

Dental Ozone Training

The use of ozone in dentistry is growing. Adding this excellent tool helps to cut infections, inflammation and helps issues of decay. More information regarding the class will be forthcoming.

You will need to have a basic training in ozone prior to this one day training, If not, you can take the basic ozone training course on Wednesday. Let us know if this is required and then sign up for this special class taught by world class ozone dentists. Another big plus is that ozone equipment will be on display in the classroom and on the vendor floor. You can get a discounted rate for this course if combined with the basic ozone class offered on June 14th from 8 am to 5 pm.

Dr. Phil Molica

Dr Phil Mollica

Nationally known Dental Ozone trainer, Dr Phil Mollica, will be our main instructor.

His many years of expertise will give you the things that are needed to understand ozone in dentistry.

Course Outline

Review of basic principles of ozone therapy as it relates to dental medicine

Treatment of soft and periodontal tissue utilizing ozone therapy

Ozone tray system

Caries arrestment

Oxidative cauterization of root structure

Pre-conditioning of dentition for restoration placement

Biologic based treatment of root canals

Review of advanced concepts in head and neck infection and disease

Limited spots available!

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