You could help your patients achieve better outcomes while significantly increasing your bottom line.

Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not! Get trained FOR FREE and learn how to incorporate the EBOO Full Spectrum UV into your practice.

After this training, you can be one of the first to offer EBOO Full Spectrum UV! It’s the most advanced blood oxygenation, ozonation, and UV therapy technology. This cutting-edge treatment combines UBI, ozone, and blood defusion that can give unparalleled results to patients suffering from many chronic conditions. And it’s practically a plug-and-play therapy you can add to your existing services! This training is different than our others we offer by focusing solely on the EBOO Full Spectrum UV and to teach you:

  • The basics of EBOO
  • The difference EBOO is from other ozone therapies
  • The benefits to your patients
  • What’s needed to administer EBOO
  • How to incorporate EBOO seamlessly into your practice
  • How to package, market, and sell EBOO to get the most ROI

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Traditionally chronically ill patients are hard to treat. There are many cases that conventional medicine can not touch. One example would be patients with an autoimmune disease. Over 25 million adults in the US suffer from autoimmune disease. And more interestingly, new studies are showing significantly increased rates post-COVID! This means that practitioners who offer EBOO treatments for those millions suffering have the opportunity to stand out in the field and make great strides for their autoimmune patients.

SOPMed is committed to training on cutting edge technology like EBOO. We are passionate about easing suffering in this world of pain. Be the doctor who is trained in the therapies that will take them to their healing potential. Stand out in the crowd.

“With its ability to utilize higher volumes of blood and ozonate that blood more effectively, EBOO can get patients feeling better, increase energy, and help them out of the weeds of illness. I find it more effective than a 10-Pass and much easier to administer. Using EBOO in our practice has made a big difference, and new patients come in asking for it because of the successes they have heard.”

– Dr David Minkoff