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Recruit and Develop the Perfect Team to Hit New Goals

Staff Compensation Techniques

How to Create a Thriving Clinic

Goal Setting to 10X your Clinic

Becoming a Referral Based Practice

Poly-MVA and Effective IV Rooms

Growing your practice through Telemedicine

Understanding High Dose Ozone/UBI

Ozone Insufflations Tips

Dr. Sara Alfaro – How to Effectively Treat Chronic Joint Pain

Marketing  for Integrative (Cash) Practices

5 New Discoveries Ozone UBI

Understanding Insurance for Integrative Practitioners

Creating your Million Dollar Practice

Stem Cell 101 with Dr Devin Wilson

Launching and growing your IV room – Growth Phase II

Pharmacy Guidelines with Sadia

From Consults to High End Treatment Plans

Dr Baker’s “Power Tools” of Integrative Medicine for Best Outcomes

The Use of PRP with Ozone

Hi-Dose (HD) Ozone/UBI

Fighting Viruses with Ozone/UBI


What does Ozone do in the blood

Is there a substitute for Heparin of ozone/UBI therapy

How to Save Money by Saving Supplies during an Ozone/UBI MAH

What Types of Training do we offer

How often do I need the change my UV bulbs for UBI therapy

What does UV Light do in the Blood

How many ozone/ubi therapies are needed for best outcomes

Why we teach 60 mls of blood vs 250 mls

Where to get medical grade oxygen

What to charge for a ozone/UBI therapy

How do I calibrate my ozone machine

Cuvette mistakes and how to avoid

How much heparin should I use for an MAH

How can I add UBI to my 10 pass machine

Why should I have UVA UVB and UVC light in my therapy

What are licensing requirements to administer ozone/UBI


Ozone Insufflation

What Integrative medicine IV’s can be covered with Insurance

Understanding dosage VS concentration

What is Hi-Dose Ozone/UBI

How does UBI therapy work

What is the best cuvette for patient outcome

Ways to use medical ozone

Nose and Ear Insufflation Tutorial

Using Medical Ozone/UBI Together

Cosmetic Ozone 5 Minute Training

Knee Ozone Injection

Shoulder Ozone Injection

Ankle Ozone Injection

Back Ozone Injection

Hip Ozone Injection


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