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​HiDose O3UV ​
"This will revolutionize the ozone world"

The New Ozone Method, "Better Than 10 Pass Ozone"

The use of high dose ozone has been a success for many.  What is commonly called 10 pass is being used, promoted and taught in the US and a number of countries. 

The missing element is UBI or Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation, sometimes called Biophotonic Therapy.  Studies have shown that the two combined have a synergistic effect.  Our team put together a system that does combine the two therapies, now at a much higher dose of ozone.  It is not the 140,000mcg of 10 pas​, but 70,000mcg ​of ozone in one pass and includes UV therapy.


Consider the following

  • No expensive equipment required
  • All accomplished in 40 minutes
  • Get the benefit of UBI+ and 70,000mcg of ozone (5 pass equivalent)
  • One easy procedure
  • No high pressure system
  • Totally safe - you can leave the room!
  • Uses 300cc of blood drawn up by infusion pump
  • More effective than ozone alone

HiDose O3UV Trainings

If you have already had ozone training, you can take a ​One day, Hands On training and be ready to do Hi Dose O3UV in a short time.

*You must already be trained and experienced in Ozone/UBI therapy in order to take the stand alone HiDose training. A code is required to register for the course.

  If you need the basic ozone training plus want to get HIDose O3UV training you need to take the full two day trainings.

You can write to us at info@sopmed.org for more details.

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