June 21st, 2018 at SOPMed
Colorado Springs, CO

​HiDose O3UV ​
"This will revolutionize the ozone world"

The New Ozone Method, "Better Than 10 Pass Ozone"

The use of high dose ozone has been a success for many.  What is commonly called 10 pass is being used, promoted and taught in the US and a number of countries. 

The missing element is UBI or Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation, sometimes called Biophotonic Therapy.  Studies have shown that the two combined have a synergistic effect.  Our team put together a system that does combine the two therapies, now at a much higher dose of ozone.  It is not the 140,000mcg of 10 pas​, but 70,000mcg ​of ozone in one pass and includes UV therapy.


Consider the following

  • No expensive equipment required
  • All accomplished in 40 minutes
  • Get the benefit of UBI+ and 70,000mcg of ozone (5 pass equivalent)
  • One easy procedure
  • No high pressure system
  • Totally safe - you can leave the room!
  • Uses 300cc of blood drawn up by infusion pump
  • More effective than ozone alone

HiDose O3UV Trainings

If you have already had ozone training, you can take a ½ day training and be ready to do Hi Dose O3UV in a short time.  If you need the basic ozone training plus want to get HIDose O3UV training that is also available.

You can write to us at info@sopmed.org for more details.

Two training times for this specific therapy are scheduled.

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