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Any Provider Can Treat Symptoms

You're Not Just Any Provider.

Ozone/UBI Therapy Training for Practitioners Ready to Do More. 

Your Patients Deserve Better Outcomes;

Your Practice Needs Accelerated Growth

What if there was a way for you to launch a therapy practice that was effective and profitable?

You didn’t spend years of medical training to chase symptoms. As a holistic, integrative, or functional medical provider – or as part of a practice that offers these alternative modalities – you know there are answers beyond what conventional medicine can offer. Ozone and UBI Therapy has been shown to get to the root cause of patient problems and offer real relief for chronic illnesses. By equipping your practice with these therapies, you are opening the door to treatments that are both effective and

While you didn’t devote your life to medicine strictly for the sake of making money, the simple fact is that you deserve to see a return on your educational investments and patients deserve to experience lasting relief from chronic illnesses.

Ozone and UBI Therapy training with SOPMed

Hands-On Clinical Training for Providers & Staff

Learn to effectively use UBI/ Ozone in a clinical setting with one of our live or zoom certification courses.

Full Access to Over $1.5k of Digital Resources

Access our vault of online tools and receive ongoing coaching sessions with our experts.

Guidance for Creating Ozone / UBI Treatment Packages

Learn how to create treatment packages that increase profit and drive client retention.

Ready to Take the First Step? First Training is $200 Free!

Get the initial Ozone/UBI training for zero cost (a $200 value) when you sign up and use code: SOPmedFree


What Would Be Possible If You Earned an Extra $102,000 a Year?

How could implementing Ozone / UBI Therapy grow your practice? Just one therapy a day, at an average $208/session, could earn your practice upwards of $100k/year. Use our Growth Calculator to see the real revenue you could bring in within months of launching these new treatment options!

How to Grow Your Medical Practice With Ozone / UBI Therapy

We invite you to join our community of like-minded practitioners who care deeply for their patients and are on the cutting-edge of integrative medicine. Integrating Ozone / UBI Therapy into your practice is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

It’s not just about becoming clinically certified, you also need to get your entire team on board as you introduce these new therapies. With SOPMed, you can train your entire team – from administrators to RNs to front desk staff.

Make sure your practice is equipped with the right equipment and supplies to support Ozone / UBI treatments. We connect you to trusted vendors to get the right equipment at the right price.

Practitioners that perform 150 therapies a month report over $38,000 in monthly revenue. The results are real, the growth
is measurable. See what’s possible for your clinic with Ozone / UBI.

“5 stars aren’t enough!”

What Providers Have to Say About Training With SOPMed

SOPMed is dedicated to providing comprehensive Ozone & UBI therapy training courses to educate providers on best practices to take back to your clinic. Whether you are looking to obtain an Ozone
& UBI training certification, or you want to educate your entire staff on Ozone therapy, SOPMed has solutions for you.


Taking the First Step with Ozone/ UBI Therapy

Ready to Launch Ozone / UBI? Read This First.

After reading this guide, you will have a deepened understanding of UBI and Ozone therapies, how they fit into your practice, methods to improve patient outcomes, and key elements to successfully launching these safe, effective treatments that increase referrals and profit.

No IV Room? No Problem.

What does an IV Room do? Creates more services and options for patients, provides higher doses than lifestyle alone, generates another revenue stream, and keeps patients engaged and returning. Learn how to successfully launch your IV room with this 2-hour course and accompanying digital resources!

Become the Doctor Known for Getting Results

The healthcare system is not set up for the patient or the practice, it’s set up for the insurance companies. Every year you have to grow your patient base in order to drive the same revenue. This leaves you stuck in a cycle of managing symptoms and limiting growth.

Ozone and UBI treatments provide an alternative route.

No longer will you be captive to conventional methods when you can offer cutting-edge therapy that helps patients see immediate results. Practice how you want by treating the root causes of your patients problems and earning more in the process.