June 22 - 23

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Pre-Conference Courses June 20th and 21st

How Can I Participate?

Every year, we are committed to looking beyond our needs and joining together to travel to a location where medical help is not readily available and/or affordable for the poor.  We would like to invite you to participate with us so that others can benefit from the knowledge and resources that we have been given.  

What Will We Be Doing?

Our primary mission will be to bring physical relief to those who are suffering.  We will use all of our resources to serve the less fortunate.  This means that we will setup a small "clinic" where we can receive and treat patients who are suffering with acute or chronic conditions.  We will primarily be utilizing ozone therapy, but other treatments will be considered as well.  

We will be equipping local medical professionals to continue administering the treatments once we are gone.  To that end we will also provide them with training and equipment so that the work doesn't stop once we leave.  

One of the highlights of each trip is getting to know other like-minded people and working together as a team.  This is really one of my favorite parts of the whole deal!  Each one of us has unique strengths that will be necessary as we work to do as much good as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Why Are You Doing This?

There are many health-related organizations that provide medical assistance to impoverished communities but to our knowledge, there are none that provide complementary therapies to these needy locations on an continual basis.  We believe that as Luke 12:48 says, "To whom much is given, much is expected".  We want to be those who look beyond our own needs and wants to the needs of others.  We are so excited about the opportunity to use our gifts and resources for the betterment of fellow men and women around the world and hope that you will partner with us in this!

With our humanitarian work, we are striving to meet the following objectives:

  • To provide integrative medical assistance to those who otherwise would have little or no access to it.
  • To provide medicines and equipment to facilitate these therapies.
  • To plan and carry out international trips each year.

When is the next trip?

We're in the middle of planning this!  We hope to have more details soon and look forward to sharing them with you.  Please make sure to sign up so that you get the updates.  

Note from the Director:

You can be a part of a lively and growing family when you​ become involved with SOPMed. We UNITE - physicians and medical practitioners from many different fields, T​EACH - using the best instructors and cutting-edge techniques and REACH - by touching the lives of so many through our  humanitarian work. It is indeed a privilege to be involved with this vibrant and exciting organization. We welcome you to a part of something truly special.

Tom Lowe, Director of the Society of Progressive Medical Education

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