Jason DeLeon

SOPMed Trainer

Jason DeLeon has been a part of the Functional Medicine space for 10 years. He has been a patient, marketing representative, assistant, Lab Director and consultant. During his time as a Lab Director, he worked directly with a doctor who specializes in Integrative Oncology. Prior to his roles in the functional medicine world, he worked for 8 years with a traditional Doctor who was board certified in Sleep Medicine.

Despite his broad general understanding of functional medicine modalities his specialty is Ozone. Jason has helped multiples of medical practitioners get started with ozone therapy then guided them to proficiency and profitability. HIs passion for ozone with UBI, along with a calm and direct demeanor has helped many different providers come to trust him quickly.

Jason is super excited to help guide you in your ozone journey whether you are a newbie, need help with Standard Ozone/UBIor Hi-dose ozone therapy. He is eager to help you reach full confidence with these therapies and ultimately help more patients!