About Dr. Jeff Wright

Dr. Jeff Wright obtained his medical degree in 2002 with a residency in family medicine. Dr. Wright’s clinical practice focuses on patients with difficult, usually chronic, medical diagnoses. He is recognized for being able to simplify complicated conditions into workable solutions. His patients get the help they seek with his extremely individualized care using methods such as biofeedback, homeopathy, IV infusions, ozone treatments, orthopedic injections, regenerative therapies, hormone replacement and biophotonic medicine. This “whole body” approach helps his patients regain a better quality of life.

He has been appointed by state governors to numerous state boards and has been the Chairman of the Utah State Licensing Board of Naturopathic Medicine, and President of the Utah Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

He has completed specialty training in chronic conditions with brain health. He has been using and training medical professionals (MD, DO, DDS, NMD, BSN, DC, etc.) in oxygen therapies since 2011. Dr. Wright completed a post-doctorate American Academy of Ozone Therapy Fellowship and helped develop the high dose UBI treatment. He speaks and teaches worldwide about health, nutrition and orthopedic injections.