Lori Brown

SOPMed Trainer

Lori is originally from upstate NY. She moved to Florida shortly after graduating from Syracuse University, which she attended on a Division I athletic scholarship. She has a BS in Accounting and Business Management. After working in real estate, mortgage banking, and software development for many years, Lori was overcome by Lyme disease and other co-infections that left her bed-bound. It took four years and a dozen doctors to properly diagnose her.

Over the last 8+ years, Lori has become extremely knowledgeable regarding Lyme, its testing, and treatment options. She coaches people around the world to find resources for testing, treatment, and support.

After receiving hundreds of IV and O3UV therapies herself, Lori was motivated to become an IV Specialist in 2020 during COVID, to deliver these treatments to fellow Lyme patients and the chronically ill. Eager to share (and short of starting medical school at the age of 58), Lorifelt that administering these treatments was the best hands-on opportunity to help patients recover their health. She finds it very rewarding to watch patients make progress when they were once hopeless and is extremely excited to be training others to deliver the incredible power of ozone and UBI.