June 22 - 23

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Pre-Conference Courses June 20th and 21st


We all need other people around us who make us better.  SOPMed has attracted unique, gifted, caring people who want to work together.  If that describes you, we would like you to really consider becoming part of our family.  If not, well....think twice.

What is SOPMed?

My name is Tom Lowe and I'm the founder of The Society of Progressive Medical Education.  First and foremost, we are a family of like-minded medical professionals who care for and support one another.  

I founded SOPMed because of my passion for alternative treatments and the need that I saw to make training and information sharing much more practical.  I want you to be better equipped to do the work that you are called to as a medical professional.  SOPMed was born with that in mind. 

In our mission statement, we say, "SOPMed is an organization dedicated to UNITING like-minded medical professionals worldwide with an emphasis on TEACHING them to effectively utilize alternative treatments and together REACHING out to those who are suffering."

Who is SOPMed For?

We know that other integrative medical organizations exist, but we know that there's no one out there like us.  Instead of telling you about us, why don't we find out a little about you.  If 5 or more of the following apply to you, then we think you'll LOVE SOPMed

  • You Are a Medical Professional
  • You Believe In Being Open to New Paradigms
  • You Know that Good Medicine FIRST Does No Harm
  •  You Don't Believe that Western Medicine has ALL the Answers
  • You Have Been Known to Buck the Status Quo
  • You Love Seeing People Healed without Pharmaceuticals When Possible
  • You Have an Unquenchable Thirst to Learn
  • You Hate Boring
  • You Want to Give Back

The spectrum of backgrounds in this particular SOPMed conference is so radically different than when I speak to my internal medicine group or my endochron group and I love that about SOPMed.  Last year was striking…It’s exciting that he (Tom Lowe) has managed to pull together such a diverse background of practitioners, and even beyond practitioners, we have journalists and researchers, we have the spiritual end represented, we have medical doctors who have really delved into consciousness and are really working on consciousness medicine. This is a very unique place and I think that it’s going to be conferences like this that are really going to create the framework for the future of medicine.
Zach Bush, MD
Revolution Health Center

What Does SOPMed Do?

We Put On An Outstanding Annual Conference

Dr. Joe Mercola, Dr. Garry Gordon, Dr. Robert Rowen and Dr. Zach Bush have been just a few of the doctors who have spoken at our conference in the first few years.  Our committment is to provide you with exciting speakers, a relaxing, retreat-style venue, relevant vendors and practical training.

We Provide Practical Training on Alternative Treatments

At our core, we are intensely practical.  We don't believe in training that doesn't offer valuable experiences that you can take home and implement in your clinic.  We believe that the investment that you make with your time and money should be rewarded with real, quantifiable results to you and your patients.

We Offer a Moderated Forum for Integrative Physicians

In partnership with Dr. Garry Gordon, we are on the cusp of bringing back a highly popular and extremely useful tool for physicians....Dr. Garry Gordon's F.A.C.T. Forum!  This online portal connects integrative physicians and gives them a platform to ask questions and receive answers from colleagues regarding various treatments and ideas.  We have upgraded this forum to be more user friendly and have added some features that we think you'll love.  Look for an announcement soon!

We Organize Humanitarian Trips 

Using our God-given talents and resources for the benefit of others is so important to us.  It's one of the reasons that we founded SOPMed, and it continues to be something that we want you to benefit from.  Each year, we organize at least one trip to a location where people are in need of medical training as well as medical care.  We utilize ozone, ubi, laser and other treatments and then leave behind some equipment for local doctors to use in the same capacity.  

AnonymousMedical Doctor                 

“We absolutely LOVED the first SopMed conference!  Your speakers were some of the cream of the crop.  The way you organized the speaker sessions and the follow-up classes gave us so much opportunity to learn from the presenters.  We learned more from everyone at this conference than we have from many other conferences we had gone to in the past.  It was so good to interact with attendees as well as the presenters.  Outstanding vendors also!  We bought several items while we were there

What Benefits Can You Expect from Joining SOPMed?

Member Only Discounts

Everyone appreciates a little discount, so members will be rewarded through reduced conference and training fees.  This alone would make the membership valuable!

FACT Forum Access

​Dr. Garry Gordon's new and improved F.A.C.T. Forum will be up and running shortly.  It is Dr. Gordon's wish that doctors around the globe continue to benefit from this wealth of information.  As a member of SOPMed, you will receive complimentary access!

Conference Video Sets

We hope you never miss a conference, but if you do, you can do the next best thing and download all the general sessions FREE of charge.  If you do make the conference, that's great!  You'll be able to go back and review it or even share your favorite lecture  with a friend.


In partnership with Westbrook University, we are able to offer Continuing Medical Eduaction credits to our attendees for certain lectures.  As a member, you will automatically receive these credits for qualifying lectures and trainings.​

Humanitarian Trip Preference

Each year we organize at least one humanitarian trip to somewhere in the world where access to good medical care is limited.  We usually fill up quickly and have to turn doctors away.  You will get "first dibs" on being able to give back and bless others with the gifts that God has given you!

Conference VIP Access

Each conference is unique, but we promise to make you feel like one of the family.  Whether it is a welcome basket, a free round of golf, a gift card, members only meetings, or being part of the family picture, we look forward to making you feel special and cared for.​



At SOPMed, we believe in providing maximum value.  In all that we do through our conference, training, forum, the providing of information and humanitarian work, we strive for excellence.  If you are not satisfied, then we are not satisfied.  We look forward to meeting your expectations, but if for some reason we are unable to do so, we will refund the money that you invested in this membership for that calendar year.  


We all need other people around us who make us better.  SOPMed has attracted unique, gifted, caring people who want to work together.  If that describes you, we would like you to really consider becoming part of our family.  If not, well....think twice.

Note from the Director:

I have attended scores of ozone lectures in the United States, Spain, Ukraine, Japan, Philippines, Cuba and Mexico to listen to some of the world's best ozone experts. Unfortunately, the majority of information available on the internet for this subject matter was fragmented and scattered. I consequently committed hundreds of hours to researching and creating as a comprehensive online source for ozone therapy information. I then developed an equally comprehensive ozone training that is like no other and encompasses the full breadth of international ozone knowledge and expertise. This course takes a new look not only at the information, but how it can be best put to use in  your practice. 

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