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Ozone & UBI Training

We Come to you – Your Time – Your Place

One thing we have found out training hundreds of Dr’s and clinics is that onsite, hands on training is the way to go if you want to launch a new therapy. Attending a seminar or conference can have its benefits but will never beat onsite training. At SOPMed, we understand this which is why we offer both ozone training classes and UBI training classes onsite at your location! Get the best of both worlds with comprehensive medical training within the comfort of your own facility without having to travel. I promise you this will be the best hands on training you and your team have ever experienced. You can train on a Wednesday and launch the therapy the following day. See how our ozone and UBI training classes can transform your practice and allow you to start seeing more patients today.

What Dr's are saying about Onsite Training

“Training onsite was invaluable. Learning on my own equipment in my own office helped me become confident in administering this therapy.”

“Allowing me to train hands in my own setting is where everything clicked and made sense. I am now ready to go.”

One-Day Basic Training

Cost – $3,500

1-Day Basic Training will introduce you and your entire team to the basics of ozone and Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation therapy. 


  • 2-hour didactic lecture on history, biochemistry, applications, indications and contraindications 
  • Protocols, procedures, concentrations and dosage
  • Rectal, vaginal, ears and nose instruction
  • Synergy of Ozone and UBI for best results
  • Help your staff assess and set up any O3 and UBI equipment
  • 3 hours of hands on instruction, with live patients so team is competent performing the therapy

One-Day Hi-Dose Training

Cost – $3,500

1-Day HD training will introduce your and your team to the premise and procedure of Hi-Dose O3UV 


  • 1-hour didactic lecture on history of hi-dose ozone therapies, testing and modern improvements
  • Protocols, procures, concentrations and dosage
  • How to include Hi-dose ozone with UBI to out perform other high dose ozone procedures
  • 3-hours of hands on instruction with live patients so team is competent performing the therapy

Two-Day Training

Cost – $5,000

2-Day Training includes both basic and hi-dose trainings at one time

Get the most bang for your buck and train your full team on both standard and hi-dose ozone and UBI therapies. 

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