2016 General Sessions


Stay on the cutting-edge of integrative medicine with the 2016 general session lectures including Dr. Bush, Dr. Tennant, Dr. Shade, Dr. Gordon and more…

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This is a four disc package featuring some of the greatest practitioners of progressive medical therapies. Disc One:

  • Dr. Minkoff on Mitochondrial Malfunction
  • Dr. Bush on Tight Gut Junctions
  • Dr. Tennant on Concepts & History of Cancer

Disc Two:

  • Dr. Shwartz on Ozone Concepts
  • Robert Slovak on Water
  • Awards Ceremony for Dr. Tennant, Lorraine Rosenthal, Frank Cousineau, Dr. Roman and Dr. Kotsanis

Disc Three:

  • Denny Duchene on Business Essentials
  • Dr. Gordon on Essentials for Health
  • Dr. Shade on Oxidant vs. Anti-Oxidant

Disc Four:

  • Dr. Pawuk on Magnetic Currents & Health
  • SOPMed Missions
  • Dr. Herskowitz on Oxidative & Energy Medicine.