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Recorded Training


Mastering the Golden Consult/VIP Experience

  • The Three Components of the Ideal Patient Consult
  • How to Educate and Engage Patients
  • Increasing Conversion Rates


Didactics of Ozone Joint Injections

Integrative Approach to Pain Management

  • Biochemistry & Advanced Understanding of Ozone Particular to Tissue & System Repair
  • Theory of Dosage – Joint Dependent Application
  • Indications
  • Preparing Injection Mixtures
  • Product Information
  • Scar Infiltrations


Hands-On Joint Injection Training

Physician guided includes:

  • Choice of one joint – knee, upper or lower back
  • Clinical Evaluation (posture, movement, etc)
  • Anatomical Points
  • Para Vertebral Infiltrations
  • Trigger Point Injections


Intro to Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy Using Ozone

  • What is PRP and why is it better with Ozone
  • Concentration considerations
  • Standardization/Safety
  • Scientific back-up and Publications
  • Applications – What are the advantages of using PRP
  • Exam and injection technique
  • Best practice for obtaining PRP equipment – including equipment details

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