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All across the country, more and more physicians are turning to Ozone and UBI therapy as the nationwide demand from patients continues to grow. Establish yourself as a leader in your field and bring this cutting edge medicine to your clinic with the help of the experts at SOPMed.

Intro to Ozone/UBI Live Group Session

Get the initial Ozone / UBI training for zero cost (a $200 value) when you sign up and use code INTRO1FREE

  • Brief overview of Ozone/UBI therapy
  • Find out how Ozone/UBI therapy will benefit your patients
  • Find out how Ozone/UBI therapy can increase your profitability
  • Overview of equipment needed
  • Cost to implement this therapy
  • How to get trained

Intro to EBOO Full Spectrum UV

Cutting-edge therapy for the hard-to-treat diseases, including autoimmune disorders, inflammatory diseases, and chronic infections

  • History of EBOO
  • The difference between EBOO/UV and Ozone/UV
  • Clinical evaluation
  • How to use the EBOO effectively
  • Therapy overview
  • What to charge for EBOO

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SOPMed Training provides clinics the tools to help more patients and get better outcomes. Our Growth Made Simple process focuses on your entire business operation. Your team will learn the fundamentals of Ozone/UBI therapy, marketing, and how to enhance your IV room to support business growth.

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At SOPMed, we have one goal for you: growth. Scale your clinic into the business of your dreams with the help of SOPMed Training. By following our proven Growth Made Simple process, your clinic will grow in patients and profitability. Register for a SOPMed Live Zoom Training today!

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Physiatrist & SOPMed Trainer

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Lead SOPMed Trainer

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SOPMed Trainer