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I just had the live training with Kim Look for HD Ozone/UBI and it was phenominal. Thank you, she’s phenominal. She really is, it was just really really great. I really apprieciate it.  That was super valuable! And so are the links and resources! -Dr. Paul Raish

Hi Kim. I want to thank you again for the training today. I appreciate that you took the time to make sure we have the process down. I also want to apologize for not introducing myself or my staff. We were so excited about starting ozone that we didn’t take the time to introduce ourselves. Besides, we have watched so many of your videos we all feel like we know you already even though you don’t know us. Please let the staff at SOPMed know we have been very happy with the service we received. Everyone has done a great job answering our questions in a timely matter. I look forward to learning more from you and your group and will definitely attend as many webinars as I can. Let me know more about your coaching and marketing services.
-Carlos Reynes, MD

We are always searching for new learning opportunities to provide the patients with the most up to date tools and information to be used for their healing journey. At the same time it’s crucial learning how to manage the business part of the practice. As such we have met many progressive educators and mentors. You are one who really stands out Kim. You’re a wealth of information on multiple aspects of practice management, plus therapeutic protocols
– James E. Lemire, MD

Kim you are amazing in helping through your education and sharing to enhance our practice, providing us ideas to build services, increase revenue, simplify business management, great ideas for staff compensation, increase productivity and overall improve the practice. Thank you Kim for being such outstanding help and making yourself available. We truly appreciate you!
– Nuris Lemire, MS. OTR/L, NC

Thank you so much for joining us for a day at the office. Both of you are wonderful, kind, technically knowledgeable and experienced put together in an eruditic package. We all benefited from your amazing expertise. If I can ever be of service, please let me know. All the best and have a great memorial weekend.
– Noel R. Williams, MD

Dear Kim and Holly, I don’t get the privilege of working with fun, nice and truly Professional ladies of your caliber very often but it was a my pleasure of doing that with you all in Oklahoma this week. It makes me wonder when I can do this again with you all. I want to help you in this regard and work with you all more often. If you would like that let me know.

BTW… we’ll be moving into our new space in a couple of months …. 10 Exam rooms, a Procedure room for ultrasound guided injections and a 450 sf IV room!! Could not have done this without you. Thank you thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
– Mary Anne Matta

Thank you SOPMED! We are beyond thrilled to have found an organization that delivers so much valuable content at such a reasonable price. As a clinic just getting started with IV therapy your resources, your people (thanks Kim!) and your training have made this a no brainer to put into practice. 5 stars aren’t enough to give the whole experience.
– Dr. Jennifer Vaughn DC, DABCI(c), DABCN(c)

This was 2 hours well spent! Very informative and organized speaker, readily answered all questions, material presented in an easy-to-understand format. Great job!
– Reneé Kimberling, RN, ND

I have been so impressed with SOPMed. The training they provided was exemplary, organized and understandable for all levels of staff in our office. Everyone learned something valuable and we have been able to really begin to support our patients because we are trained and empowered! We love this group and they have been one of the best trainings we have ever experienced from a vendor. Kim even responds very quickly when we have follow up questions. I can just say, this experience has been fabulous!
– Lisa Guyer, CEO/Health Coach

Your course was extremely helpful. Our team is working on all the procedures and processes you suggested. We have also created comprehensive packages for chronic disease. If you have another course on different protocols, we would love more. Thanks for being such a wealth of information.
– Jyoti Patel, MD, FAAP, FACP, ABOIM

Marketing 101 was an excellent webinar. Although I viewed it after the fact today, I found the information and advice exceedingly valuable and immediately usable. Kim Look has done her usual terrific job in imparting the information. Thank you for the webinar invitation.
– Dr. Bruce Fishman

Kim – Nice job last night. We really appreciate your teaching ability and thoroughness and especially your passion and willingness to help. The classes are really exceptional, you’ve been instrumental in helping us start our IV room.
– Dr. Bruce Fink

In the era of monetized medicine that is often ineffective, SOPMed has emerged as the leading source in treating complex conditions with its cutting-edge technology and research. Their lead trainer, Kim Look, advocates for practitioners and patients alike with her superior knowledge and humane touch. Besides being responsive to questions, Kim is an ethical person who truly understands the suffering of patients and is most eager to lend a helping hand.
-Michelle M. Kim, BSN, Ph.D.