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Weekly ZOOM training, quarterly in-person training, and 24/7/365 access to our library of pre-recorded videos.

Establish Your Practice as a Leader in Your Field and Set Yourself Apart with Ozone / UBI Therapy Training

Help More Patients and Grow Your Clinic

SOPMed Training will provide your clinic with the tools to effectively help more patients and achieve better outcomes. Our Growth Made Simple process focuses on your entire business operation. Your team will learn the fundamentals of Ozone/UBI therapy, modern marketing, and how to enhance your IV room to support ongoing business growth.

At SOPMed, we have one goal for you: growth. Scale your clinic into the business of your dreams with the help of SOPMed Training. By following our proven Growth Made Simple process, your clinic will grow in patients and profitability. Register for a SOPMed Live Zoom Training today!


Live ZOOM Trainings

Access professional training anywhere in the world with our remote-friendly ZOOM training.


Equipment Training

Learn how to confidently and accurately utilize your equipment in a clinical setting.


Training to Grow Your Clinic

Take your clinical training to the next level by learning how to scale, grow, and increase your profits.

In Person Training

Two days of in-person instruction 

Meet Your Training Team

Tom Lowe

Kim Look
Lead SOPMed Trainer

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