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EBOO Full Spectrum UV

Traditionally chronically ill patients are hard to treat. There are many cases that conventional medicine can not touch. One example would be patients with an autoimmune disease. Over 25 million adults in the US suffer from autoimmune disease. . And more interestingly, new studies are showing significantly increased rates post-COVID! This means that practitioners who offer EBOO  treatments for those millions suffering have the opportunity to stand out in the field and make great strides for their autoimmune patients. 

SOPMed is committed to training on cutting edge technology like EBOO. We are passionate about easing suffering in this world of pain.   Be the doctor who is trained in the therapies that will take them to their healing potential. Stand out in the crowd. 

“With its ability to utilize higher volumes of blood and ozonate that blood more effectively, EBOO can get patients feeling better, increase energy, and help them out of the weeds of illness. I find it more effective than a 10-Pass and much easier to administer. Using EBOO in our practice has made a big difference, and new patients come in asking for it because of the successes they have heard.”
-Dr David Minkoff

Training Content

  • History of EBOO
  • The difference between EBOO/UV and Ozone/UV
  • Clinical Evaluation
  • How to Use the EBOO Effectively
  • Therapy Overview
  • What to Charge for EBOO

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of this Live virtual training is $199.

This is not a pre-recorded training, it’s a Live, 1-hour virtual training in Zoom where you get to interact with the trainer, ask your questions, and get answers in real time.

No, there is no equipment or supplies needed to take this training and get the most out of it. In the training you will receive more information about equipment or supplies to administer these therapies.

Any amount of staff members can join the Zoom training for the same price. 

Yes, the presentation will be recorded and you will receive it within 24-48 hours.

If you have more questions, please reach out to Vicki Lintemuth at vicki@sopmed.org if you have questions or need assistance booking your training session.

Kim Look

Lead SOPMed Trainer

Over the last ten years, Kim has held every clinical position with the exception of practitioners. She is the lead trainer for ozone and ultraviolet light with firsthand knowledge of other integrative IV therapies as well. She has owned three clinics and helped start dozens of others. She continues to work nationally and internationally on building integrative practices, both clinically and operationally through her trainings and coaching. Her passion is sharing proven strategies with clinics, transitioning them to realize and reach their potential.