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Holly Deffert, RN

SOPMed Trainer

Holly Deffert, RN- Colorado native, nurse turned natural healer, lifelong student, planet protector, lover of life! My greatest passion is helping others! My approach to healing has been influenced by conventional medicine, 11 years of emergency department nursing as well as the study of functional/integrative/regenerative/energy medicine and the teachings from ancient plant medicine philosophies.

I became frustrated with our current healthcare system after watching many people suffer unnecessarily.  10 years ago I started a juice cleanse that opened my eyes to a whole other world of Holistic Healing, one not openly shared in western medicine.  

I began seeking out like-minded health practitioners and focusing my attention more on holistic health. I believe in treating the mind, body and spirit of each person, not just symptoms of disease. This ancient approach to health considers how each person interacts with his or her environment. People accept responsibility for their own level of well-being – everyday choices are used to take charge of one’s own health. The goal is to achieve maximum well-being, where everything is functioning at its optimal level. True healing can be attributed to personal awareness, lifestyle changes, mindset reprogramming, self acceptance, healing from personal traumas and a team of skilled practitioners.