About Lindsey Aronson, RN

Registered Nurse with over 18 years of experience. Has held positions in the ICU, neurology, PCU, orthopedic departments as well as outpatient surgery centers on both east and west coasts. Charge nurse and preceptor roles as well as primarily serving in the direct patient care role. Has spent last 4 years at Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine in Southern California in the Infusion Nurse role. Scope including mixing and administering nutritional IV therapy and administering IV ozone including UBI, MAH and HDUBI.

Passionate about root cause medicine and treating the whole person. Believes patients need to be their own best advocate and that health and wellness are done best utilizing a team approach.

Attended Hofstra University on Division 1 volleyball scholarship. Enjoys outdoor activities and crossfit. Is currently in process of relocating to Colorado with her husband and 3 children and a Labrador.