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#11 Ozone & UBI Therapy - A Real Solution for Fibromyalgia

Traditionally Fibromyalgia is a condition not well understood and is conventionally treated mostly with medications such as pain killers, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories, neuromodulators, and anti-depressants with less than successful results. 

Approximately 10 million adults in the US suffer from fibromyalgia and 3-6% of the population worldwide. And more interestingly, new studies are showing significantly increased rates of Fibromyalgia post-COVID!

This means that practitioners who offer alternative and effective treatments for those millions suffering have the opportunity to stand out in the field and make great strides for their Fibromyalgia patients. 

Dr. Sara Alfaro has been treating Fibromyalgia and conditions like it for over three decades. She is passionate about educating practitioners on a new way of handling pain conditions, with a practical and implementable approach for both patients and their providers. 

Training Content

  • History of Fibromyalgia
  • Fibromyalgia and Depression
  • Clinical Evaluation
  • How to Use the Fibromyalgia Questionnaire (FIQR)
  • Applications – What are the advantages of using Ozone & UBI
  • Techniques for administering Ozone & BrSM Injections

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of this Live virtual training is $599.

This is not a pre-recorded training, it’s a Live, 2-hour virtual training in Zoom where you get to interact with the trainer, ask your questions, and get answers in real time.

No, there is no equipment or supplies needed to take this training and get the most out of it. In the training you will receive more information about equipment or supplies to administer these therapies.

Any amount of staff members can join the Zoom training for the same price. 

Yes, the presentation will be recorded and you will receive it within 24-48 hours.

If you have more questions, please reach out to Vicki Lintemuth at vicki@sopmed.org if you have questions or need assistance booking your training session.

Sara Maria Alfaro

Physiatrist & SOPMed Trainer

Medical director of Centro de Rehabilitación Alfaro Moreno, a pain management and rehabilitation clinic in El Salvador since 1997.

Physiatrist, Bioregulatory Systems Medicine BrSM, ozonetherapy, Bioenergetics and mind- body medicine.

Specializing in treating musculoskeletal pain in a integrative approach, focused on improving not only function and activities of daily life but also wellness programs.

Are You Ready To Change Patients' Lives - For Good?

Book your training session with Dr. Sara Maria Alfaro today, and learn how to treat fibromyalgia with the power of UBI/Ozone and an integrative approach that goes beyond alleviating symptoms. Get trained and start changing lives today!