June 14 - 15

​San Diego, CA

Pre-Conference Courses June 12th and 13th

​Ozone & UBI Training
Tentative 2019 Schedule
​​* Limited Enrollment

Get complete oxidative training . . . Not just a part of it and 2 for 1 pricing!

Orlando, FL

March 15-16, 2019

San Diego, CA

June 12 - 13,  201​​​​​9

​​2 for 1 Offer Physicians and an IV person for just one price.

​We are offering either a Two-Day full training or a One-Day training on just HiDose O3UV for those already trained in ozone. We want the professionals who do the IV therapies to learn the step by step procedures, which is why we are offering the 2 for 1 pricing on either the full Two-Day training or the One Day HiDose training.  ​​

​Day 1 - 9 AM - 6 PM     Basics of Ozone and UBI Therapy + Demonstrations

​Day 2 - 9 AM - 5 PM     HiDose O3UV with Hands-On the majority of the Day 

$1800 for the Two Day Full Training

Learn what patients of Alternative Medicine are asking for:

  • Ozone and UBI Therapy Basics.  No other class in America teaches both.
  • Indications & Protocols.  Everything on a convenient flash drive
  • Understand ozone therapy and the machines behind it. Hands on machines
  • Understand Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation taught by the top teachers in America
  • Legalities, pitfalls, tools to grow your business -  we address your questions.
  • Much, much more which the others don’t cover

Saturday HiDose O3UV Training (equals 5 Pass Ozone+)  

Hands On - $1100 for Two Office Members

​*Trainers May Vary   

*The Two for One Special must include a physician, office manager and/or IV Personnel

​*To take HiDose training the physician must have basic ozone training (this can include a two day class offered by SOPMed)

Dr. Jeff Wright

Ozone Trainer and Prolo+Ozone Expert

​Tom Lowe

Inventor and SOPMed Trainer

​Kim Look

Clinic Manager and Trainer

Write us at for more information!

Note from the Director:

I have attended scores of ozone lectures in the United States, Spain, Ukraine, Japan, Philippines, Cuba and Mexico to listen to some of the world's best ozone experts. Unfortunately, the majority of information available on the internet for this subject matter was fragmented and scattered. I consequently committed hundreds of hours to researching and creating as a comprehensive online source for ozone therapy information. I then developed an equally comprehensive ozone training that is like no other and encompasses the full breadth of international ozone knowledge and expertise. This course takes a new look not only at the information, but how it can be best put to use in  your practice. 

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