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JUNE 12, 2019 | 8AM-4PM



We are firm believers in practical, interactive training that provides attendees with optimum value.  You will be encouraged to engage instructors during the lecture portions of this training and ask questions as they come to you.  We will cover all the basics including history, biochemistry, techniques and protocols, indications and more.  Once a firm foundation has been laid in these, we will move to the hands-on portion of the training where students can practice what they are learning.


Marlene Siegel, DVM

Dr. Siegel is an integrated veterinarian in Tampa Fla. A 1985 graduate of the University Of Florida, she has been blending the best of eastern medicine with western medicine for over 20 years.

The journey to heal Lilly (her horse) led Dr Siegel to acquire the widest array of alternative skills and tools, including chiropractic, ozone, bio energetic scanning, herbs, energy, emotional healing and much more.

Dr. Siegel has been a keynote speaker and an expert guest on TV shows, radio and webinars. She recently gave a keynote presentation at The Truth About Cancer Live Event 2017 and was featured in Ty Bollinger’s docu-series, The Truth About Pet Cancer. Dr. Siegel co stars with Dr. Darrell Wolfe on Pet Star TV, a bimonthly interactive live talk show teaching pet owners how to integrate a healthier life style for their fur babies.

Jonathan Lowe, B.A.

Jonathan Lowe, B.A. is the Owner and Training Director at O3Vets located in Lansing, Michigan.  He is dedicated to the advancement of oxidative and photonic medicine within the veterinary community.  Besides teaching on Biophotonic therapy here in the USA, Jonathan has also travelled abroad to Europe, Asia, Central America to promote these modalities. 

He has been involved in the design of both Biophotonic and ozone devices for use in human and veterinary medicine.  Most recently he has pioneered the use of O3UV in the area of veterinary medicine along with Margo Roman, DVM. 


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  1. Class Overview
  2. Oxidative Therapy
    1. What it is
  3. Ozone Overview
    1. Why use it
    2. Natural formation of ozone
    3. Synthetic formation of ozone
    4. Industrial uses
    5. Dangers of ozone
    6. Half-Life
    7. Concentrations
  4. Methods of Administration
    1. MAHT
    2. Limb-Bagging
    3. Insufflation Techniques
    4. Fluids
    5. Oils
  5. Medical HIstory
  6. Indications
    1. Categories
    2. Specific Areas
  7. Contraindications
  8. Ozone Videos
    1. Pain Management
  9. Biological & Clinical Effects
    1. Main Effect
    2. Secondary Effects
    3. Bocci Mechanism of Action
  10. Major Works
    1. Bocci
    2. The Low-Dose Ozone Concept
    3. ISCO3
    4. The Madrid Declaration
    5. Ozone Therapy in Practice Manual
  1. Ozone Studies
    1. Zotero
    3. Books
  2. Prolotherapy + Ozone
    1. Indications and Applications
    2. Solution
    3. Case Study
  3. Equipment
    1. What’s needed
    2. Setup
    3. Ozone resistance
  4. Client Education
    1. Available Materials
    2. Cost vs. Value
  5. Ozone Oils
    1. Trustworthy sources
    2. Uses
    3. Limitations
  6. O3UV Combination Therapy
    1. UltraImmunotherapy
    2. Medical Effects of light
    3. Combination of Ozone and Light
    4. Vasogen Studies
  7. Clinical Applications & Observations
  8. Hands-On Training


Get a 100% refund when you cancel for ANY reason at ANY time before the event. If you are not satisfied with the content or instruction during our event, we will provide a full refund of the amount paid for the class.*