2 Hour Live Video Training

#1 Ozone/UBI "Power Tools"
  • Biochemistry Basics
  • Applications, Indications, Contraindications
  • Protocols
  • Concentration & Dosage
  • Synergy of O3/UBI for Best Results
  • Updated Equipment Reviews

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#2 Upgrading to Hi-Dose Ozone/UBI

Easier, Cheaper & Faster than 10 Pass

  • Background on 10 pass and HD (Hi-Dose)
  • Studies and Mechanisms
  • Equipment Required (you may be able to use equipment you have)
  • Procedure and Protocol
  • Integrating it Into Your Patient Plans
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#3 Grow Your IV Room
  • Building Treatment Plans and Packages
  • Structured Pricing for Profitability
  • Selling Packages
  • Consent/Intake/Tracking Forms
  • Creating Standing Orders and SOPs
  • Patient Education
  • Staff Requirements
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#4 Mastering the Golden Consult/VIP Experience
  • The Three Components of the Ideal Patient Consult
  • How to Educate and Engage Patients
  • Increasing Conversion Rates


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#5 Hands On Standard Ozone/UBI

    (Must have Ozone & UBI Equipment)

  • Explain Ozone and UBI Equipment
  • Review Supplies Utilized
  • Step-by-step Tutorial
  • Administer Live Therapy with Trainer
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#6 Hands On Hi-Dose Ozone/UBI

  (Must have Ozone & UBI Equipment)

  • Explain Hi-Dose Ozone and UBI Equipment
  • Review of Pumps (must own Hedy pumps)
  • Review Supplies Utilized
  • Step-by-step Tutorial
  • Administer Live Therapy with Trainer
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#7 Integrative Approach to Pain Management
  • Biochemistry and Advanced Understanding of Ozone Particular to Tissue & System Repair
  • Theory of Dosage – Joint Dependent Application
  • Indications
  • Preparing Injection Mixtures
  • Product Information
  • Scar Infiltrations
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#8 Hands-On Joint Injection Training

Physician guided for your patient includes:

  • Choice of One Joint – Knee, Upper Back or Lower Back
  • Clinical Evaluation (posture, movement, etc)
  • Anatomical Points
  • Para Vertebral Infiltrations
  • Trigger Point Injections
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#9 Introductions to Stem Cell and Exosomes
  • Origin and Harvesting
  • Safety – Indications – Contraindication
  • FDA Stance
  • How to Administer
  • How many treatments are needed
  • Creating the best outcome
  • Marketing and growing your clinic with stem cells
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Your Training Team

Kim Look

Over the last ten years, except for physician, she has held every clinic position, She has owned and sold three clinics and helped start six others 

She works as a trainer for ozone,ultraviolet, and IV nutritional therapies. She has worked nationally and internationally to build integrative practices both clinically and operationally and loves to share her proven strategies in taking start ups or small clinics to international destination status bringing in millions in health care sales.

Tom Lowe

A husband of 48 years, a father of 11 children, a researcher, designer, and medical based entrepreneur who is best recognized for his elite medical conference, SOPMed, and his ingenuity in designing a powerful UBI (bio-photonic therapy) treatment.

Tom first learned about these integrative approaches through a missions organization based in Africa.  They claimed to be using these treatments with great effectiveness.  For over 10 years Tom has compiled all the expert information on ozone & UBI therapy to let people make an informed choice.

Sara Maria Alfaro MD

Medical director of Centro de Rehabilitación Alfaro Moreno, a pain management and rehabilitation clinic in El Salvador since 1997

Physiatrist, Bioregulatory Systems Medicine BrSM, ozonetherapy, Bioenergetics and mind- body medicine.

Specializing in treating Musculo skeletal pain in a integrative approach, focused on improving not only function and activities of daily life but also wellness programs.

Dr. Devin Wilson

Dr.Devin Wilson, ND, CCT is a licensed and board certified Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in regenerative medicine. Dr. Wilson is a healthcare consultant and medical writer focusing on stem cell and exosome therapies. 

Dr.Wilson has established a number of ozone therapy departments in clinics in the US. In addition, he holds many advanced certifications including heavy metal chelation therapy by The American College for the Advancement of Medicine(ACAM).