A Cure for alzheimer's, parkinson's and traumatic brain injury?

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TUESDAY, Nov 20th    8:00 PM Eastern Time

The Webinar

Learn how to effectively use the new Brain Gauge and PEMF to treat neurological conditions.

Neuroscientists Robert Dennis, PhD and Mark Tommerdahl, PhD, a sensory testing wizard will be sharing their wisdom regarding:


  • How to measure TBI
  • How to decrease brain inflammation
  • How tactile sensations can now measure brain disfunction
  • Getting patients to stay on track with a visual tool of evaluation
  • Effective PEMF vs the big jerk PEMF

Visit https://www.corticalmetrics.com for more information on their product.

Bob Dennis, PhD

Co-founder, Cortical Metrics

Dr. Dennis was originally contracted by NASA to develop PEMF technology.  Recently, he has secured four patents as he continues to advance PEMF.  He has also co-founded Cortical Metrics, a brain gauge and brain function assessment tool.  

Mark Tommerdahl, PhD

President, Cortical Metrics

Mark is a neuroscientist and faculty member at the University of North Carolina and has a broad range of interests that center on cortical mechanisms of information processing.  He is the co-founder of Cortical Metrics along with Bob Dennis.  Together they work to create tools to assess and treat , among other things, neurological disorders. 

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