The WORLD-CLASS nature of this conference brings together people from many countries, both EXPERT and novice, for the opportunity to NETWORK, share information, SOLVE PROBLEMS, and ask questions of some of the TOP INTEGRATIVE PRACTITIONERS on the planet.

Our SOPMed conference will “break the mold” of the traditional conference with:

  • A Retreat-Style Atmosphere
  • Fast-Paced Training
  • A Highly Practical Emphasis
  • Afternoon Mentor Table Sessions 
  • Hand-Picked Vendors 
  • A Practicum Room 
  • Early Wrap-Up (we want you to enjoy the venue!)
  • World-Class Speakers
  • A Breathtaking Mountain View
  • Fun Times!! (You won't be able to say that you were bored!)
  • Humanitarian Opportunities
  • Alternative Medicine Pioneers Honoring Ceremony 


At SOPMed, we believe in the highest quality training. We understand that you are busy and can't afford to take time out of your schedule if it isn't going to provide you with a significant amount of value. We have designed our training courses with you in mind and believe that you will find them incredibly stimulating and valuable, however, if this doesn't prove to be the case, we'll refund you for this class. We are committed to quality! 

*see details

We hope that you can bring some friends or family and enjoy the area!  Whether you go on a hike, play 9 holes of golf, take a swim or check out Pike's Peak, there's always something to do.  Maybe you're the type to enjoy the heated pools and Jacuzzi, hit the spa or just enjoy the view and food!  Regardless, there's something for everyone.

Limited spots available!

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