Hi, my name is Tom Lowe and I’m the Founder and President of SOPMed. The older I get, the more I appreciate family.  I’ve been blessed with a lot of it. 

I was privileged to raise eleven kids, but in 1996, tragedy struck.  My oldest son was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  They operated to remove it and over the course of the next 22 years, his life was a bit of a roller coaster.

Of course, as a father you are willing to do anything to help your children and to see them get well.  My journey into alternative treatment options wasn’t something I was looking for, but it ended up finding me. 

While my oldest son’s journey here on this earth is over, there is a new part of my life that I believe is just beginning.  In 2015 we held the inaugural SOPMed conference and it was, by all accounts, a great success. 

 SOPMed has almost become a family of its own, made up of like-minded practitioners who are on the cutting-edge of integrative medicine.

We hope you’ll join us.


Phone: 517-214-5813


11968 Sweetwater Dr.
Suite 2
Grand Ledge, MI 48837


We’ll let some of our family tell you…

“The thought leaders of integrative medicine are here”

-Joseph Mercola, MD
New York Times Best Seller

“It’s very hands on…it’s organized in such a way that you can apply what you’re leaning”

-Allyson Baker
Co-Founder – Human Universal Health Institute

“I’m so happy that there is an organization like this. I haven’t found anyone else doing what they do.”

-John Augspurger, ND, DDS


We keep doctors just like you on the cutting-edge of integrative medicine. That’s the long and short of it. It seems like every month we’re adding something new to HOW we do that. 

Here are a few of the ways we accomplish our mission.

  • We provide medical ozone and UBI training events throughout the year
  • We offer a moderated forum for integrative doctors –
  • We put on an outstanding annual conference
  • We provide pre-conference training classes on a number of modalities
  • We organize annual humanitarian trips
  • We host webinars with top forward-thinking doctors
  • We provide video training resources

It was my vision to establish an organization that would focus on uniting integrative medical practitioners and training them in the most cutting-edge treatments and ideas with the purpose of seeing the widespread relief of physical suffering. 

Our goal is to keep you, the doctor, on the cutting-edge of integrative medicine, but not just so that you can make money and be the best doctor possible.  We actually believer that we can make a difference in this world. 

We believe that there is a better way to do medicine that integrates ideas and modalities from mainstream medicine as well as the treatments that have been marginalized or misunderstood.

At the end of the day, we want to see the widespread relief of physical suffering all over this globe.