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How to Launch Ozone/ UBI in Your Clinic

A Comprehensive Guide for Medical Practitioners Who Are Ready to Do More Than Manage Patient Symptoms

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Use this guide as a first step to implementing Ozone / UBI Therapy in your practice. When you’re ready to take the next one – getting fully certified and equipping your IV room – let us know.

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7 Procedures a Week = Over $100K
Additional Revenue Per Year

Implementing Ozone/UBI to your services can dramatically help your patients and generate a healthy revenue stream. Use this revenue calculator to see what revenue you can make while helping patients with Ozone/UBI. Input the average number of patients you could see per day and the cost of a session. It’s exciting!  

See What You Can Earn From Adding Ozone/UBI to Your Practice

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Get trained to incorporate Ozone / UBI Therapy into your practice.