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You didn’t spend years of medical training to chase symptoms. As a holistic, integrative, or functional medical provider – or as part of a practice that offers these alternative modalities – you know there are answers beyond what conventional medicine can offer. Ozone and UBI Therapy has been shown to get to the root cause of patient problems and offer real relief for chronic illnesses. By equipping your practice with these therapies, you are opening the door to treatments that are both effective and profitable.

While you didn’t devote your life to medicine strictly for the sake of making money, the simple fact is that you deserve to see a return on your educational investments and patients deserve to experience lasting relief from chronic illnesses.

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Implementing Ozone/UBI to your services can dramatically help your patients and generate a healthy revenue stream. Use the potential revenue calculator below to see what revenue you could make by treating your patients with Ozone/UBI. Input the number of patients you could see per day, how many days per week you’re open, and the cost of a session. It’s exciting!

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Join our community of practitioners who care deeply for their patients and are on the cutting-edge of integrative medicine. Integrating Ozone/UBI Therapy into your practice is as easy as 1-2-3.

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